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About Us

We primarily opt for a bottoms-up approach when analyzing potential investments and seek companies with strong economic moats as well as sound fundamentals. In addition to managing our fund, we strive to mentor members as they progress through their own recruiting processes for jobs in the financial services industry - and, once they are situated, encourage them to serve as mentors for future Eagles.

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The History

The Boston College Investment Club was founded as an independent fund in 1982 with $80,000 in seed money. In the four decades following its inception, BCIC has strived to develop a legacy of conscientious investors who are well-attuned to the dynamic financial markets. Over the years, the fund’s growth has largely been driven by members who are passionate about the field and possess a strong sense of integrity.


The Fund

Our holdings stretch across many different industries, and we have designed our club structure accordingly. Members of the Analyst Program spend their time covering one sector closely and, as a result, develop an intimate understanding for their respective coverage universe. These sectors include Consumer Discretionary, Consumer Staples, Industrials, Energy, Financials, Technology, Telecommunications, and more. Note that these are subject to change as portfolio holdings change over time.

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