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BCIC welcomes all members of the Boston College community regardless of major, experience, or knowledge about finance. While our primary goal is to manage the fund, we also strive to educate members about investing, the markets, and the breadth of careers available in the financial services sector. Those interested in receiving emails from recruiters on job postings should join the mailing list. Those who join our General Membership will also be placed on the Mailing List. Please see below for additional details on BCIC’s structure.

Structure: Welcome

Mailing List

1,000+ members that have indicated interest in exploring careers in the financial services industry. This is one of the largest mailing lists on campus and provides recruiters access to a large audience. Does not require commitment or attendance to BCIC meetings to join.

Structure: List

General Membership

General Membership is open to all members of the Boston College community and does not require an application or experience to join. Any community member interested in learning more about the financial markets, investment strategy, and more should feel welcome to join the group. General Members attend weekly meetings that last for approx. 60 minutes and include stock pitches, education sessions, guest speakers, and other events.

Analyst Program

The Analyst Program is a select group of ~80 members that have demonstrated a keen interest in the markets and dedication to BCIC. Each analyst is assigned to one of six sector groups and is responsible for monitoring all of the fund’s holdings in that respective sector. Members also engage in weekly discussions on relevant market trends and screen for new pitch ideas. The Analyst Program meets once a week in addition to the General Meeting time.

Executive Board

The Executive Board is responsible for the overarching leadership and organizational duties associated with running the fund. Its principle functions include creating content for education sessions, pitching potential investments, monitoring the fund’s current holdings, and ensuring that trades are properly executed. Please follow this link for more information on the Executive Board.

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